How to prepare your vacation home for Airbnb?

In recent years, renting out homes short-term in Slovenia especially in areas like Bled, Kranjska Gora and Ljubljana has gained tremendous popularity among landlords. Whether you plan to rent out your apartment on platforms such as Airbnb, or other websites, properly preparing your apartment for is essential to attracting potential guests and ensuring their satisfaction.

In this article, we will talk about how to prepare a short-term rental apartment to make it a pleasant and desirable home for your guests. Once you have met the conditions for renting out an apartment for tourist purposes in Slovenia, it is time to properly prepare the apartment for guests.


A clean and tidy vacation home is crucial for a positive first impression on guests, and guests’ expectations are high. Keep your apartment clean, including all surfaces, floors and appliances. Pay special attention to the kitchen and bathroom. After each rental, make sure your accommodation is like new. If you are going to work with a vacation rental management agency, agree on how cleaning should be done after each rental.


Organize the furniture and equipment in a way to provide enough space for guests to unpack and feel comfortable during their stay. Think about it and make sure it is equipped with basic necessities. In addition to comfortable bedding, fresh towels, toiletries and a well-equipped kitchen with utensils and kitchenware, you can also provide high-speed internet, television, heating and air conditioning.


If you want your apartment to stand out from the rest, think about and make sure that it is equipped with accessories that are not necessary but are a big bonus for short-term rentals. Consider extras such as a welcome basket with snacks, coffee, tea and any toiletries that you will provide to guests.


Guests value their safety above all else. Install smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors in the apartment and ensure fire safety with enough fire extinguishers in the apartment. Check that all locks are working properly. Provide clear instructions on emergency procedures, including contact details for local help and the police, in a prominent place.


Provide a pleasant ambience in your accommodation, if you create a warm and inviting atmosphere in your apartment, guests will feel at home. Opt for a neutral apartment decoration that will be close to a wide range of guests. Also add some elements to the apartment such as artwork, plants or decorative pillows to make the space more homely. Don’t forget about adequate lighting, both natural and artificial, as this is the only thing necessary to create a pleasant atmosphere in the entire apartment.

House rules:

In order to ensure a smooth and pleasant stay for you and your guests, set clear house rules that you communicate to them in advance. Include check-in and check-out guidelines, noise and party restrictions, pet policies, and any other important information. Encourage open communication with your guests and provide them with a point of contact if any questions or issues arise.

Local recommendations:

Help your guests get the most out of their stay by providing them with useful information about your apartment and the surrounding area. Include device manuals and instructions, internet access and any other relevant details. In addition, offer them recommendations for restaurants, attractions, public transportation, and nearby shops and pharmacies.


Preparing your apartment for short-term rental requires careful attention to detail and a focus on guest satisfaction. By following these basic steps, you will create a welcoming and comfortable space that will stand out from the competition. Remember that positive reviews and recommendations from satisfied guests can go a long way to your success as a vacation rental host. Therefore, invest time and effort in preparing your apartment and prepare to receive guests from all over the world.

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