Conditions for renting out your home on Airbnb in Slovenia?

What are the conditions and what do we have to arrange before we can legally start renting out our apartment for tourist purposes via Airbnb and the booking portal. There are quite a few requirements for renting real estate for tourist purposes. In this article, read what you will have to do before you or your short-term property management agency can legally start renting out an apartment on portals such as Airbnb, Booking, etc.

Opening a legal entity

The activity of short-term renatl for tourist purposes on platforms like Airbnb and in Slovenia can be carried out either by opening a sole proprietorship (s.p). or as a legal person with the registration of a company (d.o.o).


In addition to ownership of your vacation rental unit or an rental agreement for the vacation rental, you will also need to have the following permits and meet the following conditions:

  • Register the vacation rental in the Register of Accommodation Establishments (RNO).
  • Categorisation of accommodation facilities
  • Obtaining consent, if it is an apartment in multi-apartment buildings, you need the consent of 75 percent of all condominium owners and one hundred percent of the consent of all owners to whom your apartment borders on the left, right and above. You must also inform the property manager about this.
  • Meet the general Terms and Conditions for letting our the property, e.g. fire regulations, safety of installations.

When we have all the documentation in order and the conditions for renting out our unit for tourist purposes have been met, we can officially start renting out our vacation home on platforms like Airbnb and Booking, when the rental starts, pay attention to the registration and reporting of guests to the state authorities and the correct issuing of invoices, but you can only entrust this to our vacation management company. Write to us at or contact us via the form below.

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