A guide to Market Analysis for vacation rentals in Slovenia.

Market Analysis

or market research will help you understand how much you will be able to earn from your short-term rental property. Perhaps you are thinking about buying a holiday home in Slovenia or you want to convert your house or apartment into a short-term rental unit, but you do not know whether the accommodation will be profitable enough to make the investment worthwhile. Maybe you already have your airbnb ready to rent but you don’t know how to approach the pricing strategy and set the prices, or you are already renting out on platforms such as Airbnb and Bookin.com and you are not satisfied with the occupancy rates?

In all the mentioned cases, we recommend that you contact an vacation rental management agency like us, which will do a market analysis for you. This will show you how much you will be able to rent your accommodation for, what the expected occupancy will be and the annual yield. All this information will help you make decisions before you decide to become a host on websites like Airbnb and Booking.com.

In the next 4 steps, we will answer what you will gain from the Market Analysis made by our agency Nomadi and how this information will be useful for your short-term rental in Slovenia or when deciding on an investment oppurtunity.

1. Market overview

In the market analysis, we first define the market in which the accommodation is located and determine in which quality class belongs. The next step is to find comparable units in the same quality class and obtain data on the occupancy and nightly rates of these units, which will help us estimate the gross revenue of the property.

2. Earning potential

Based on the data obtained during the market reviewl, we determine the base price for a night’s stay and estimate the expected level of occupancy as accurately as possible based on the data of the competition in this area. Once we have an approximate calculation of the gross annual profitability, we also calculate the approximate costs that we will have in doing business and estimate the expected annual profit of the accommodation.

3. Defining the seasons

In order to be able to better estimate what our income will for each month and to correctly set prices for different season, it is first necessary to define the seasons. For short term rentals in Slovenia, we define the mid season first, which will have the base price of a night’s stay, which we have already determined in the market review. Then we determine the high and low season. Based on the area and the average occupancy of that area, we propose and determine a recommended price increase in the high season and a price decrease in the low season.

4. Pricing strategy

Once we have defined the seasons, we create a price strategy for the entire year, in which we determine the expected occupancy and overnight prices for each month. Based on this, we also estimate the expected income by month, which gives a clearer picture of what the cash flow of the property will be. We also suggest possible increases in relation to special holidays or periods, which could have a significant impact on the price, and this completes the creation of our market analysis.

Let’s start with a Market Analysis for your vacation rental

Send an inquiry, call 068181835 or write to us at info@nomadi.si and we will send you more information.

Market Analysis

Let us help you make the right decision before embarking on the path of investing in short-term rental in Slovenia. With the market analysis you will receive all the key information.

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